Chameleon Wi-Fi System

The Chameleon Wi-Fi System reads, stores and sends data to the VIA website platform. It is connected to a Chameleon sensor array. The sensor array consists of three soil water sensors placed in the top, middle and bottom of the rootzone plus a temperature sensor, which gives the array a unique digital identifier. The Reader has three LEDs, one for each Chameleon sensor.

The Chameleon Wi-Fi Reader can be permanently connected to a sensor array. In this case, it will log a reading every two hours. The Wi-Fi Reader can be paired to a Wi-Fi access point for continuous data delivery, or to a mobile phone for upload when visiting the crop.

A Wi-Fi Reader can also be used to manually take and store data from many sensor arrays. This is an economical option for when data is required less frequently (daily or weekly) from many different locations.

To learn more about the Chameleon Wi-Fi system please go to

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Showing all 8 results