Out of the Scientist’s Garden

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Out of the Scientist’s Garden is a pleasure to read — free of jargon and spare in its use of statistics — without in any way dumbing down very complex issues. It connects food and water in a manner that is all too rare. Andrew Campbell


What the critics said!

This is an incredibly important book that deserves to become a classic of Australian agricultural and environmental literature. It should be read widely and carefully by policy makers, by scientists, and above all by citizens everywhere interested in food, water and the environment.
Richard – I read it all in one sitting! It is a delight.
Oh, and  I absolutely loved the book. Read it in one sitting. Have passed it onto my offsider…..Once I get it back, I’ll re-read it.
I really enjoyed it. I read it cover to cover, in one day, so I think that’s good evidence that I found it a very easy and enjoyable read.
The book is a fascinating read and I didn’t want it to end – I expect to re-read it many times as the years go by.
I really enjoyed it – very well written, was disappointed when it finished – which is rare for me in a non-fiction book.
This is a unique book. On the face of it, it appears to be about the application of scientific principles to home gardening for food. As a professional soil scientist who is also an amateur gardener, I was attracted to it for that reason. But it is much more than that.

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